Alexandru Frangeti

Mobile Developer

Development and architecture of mobile/hybrid applications for startups and large companies


+ 20 years

Programming & frameworks

Objective-C, C++, Swift, Java, Kotlin, TS. Next.JS, React, React Native, Remix
+ 10 years

Design integration

Style and tools, JS Frameworks & Libraries
+ 10 years

Architecting software

Critical planning, implementation, scalability and optimisation of software products / infrastructure


Low-level audio/video programming

C, C++, ASM, interop with NDK/Objective-C/Swift

Tough challenges

The thing i love the most about what i do, and the thing i always search for is a tough challenge. Learning happens best when the brain is out of its confort zone.



Informing, refining and creating solutions tailored perfectly to the customer's needs.

Mobile Development

Mobile application development, integrating third-party services and libraries.

System design

Planning and implementing resilient architecture and product specifications that scale along with the project.


Augmenting and empowering teams to ensure the quality of implementation and delivery.